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European Championships 2018



The European Championships is the continent’s ultimate multi-sport event: 4,500 elite athletes, 52 nations, 10 days of televised competition, 7 sports, 2 cities,... 1 multi-sport event.

Glasgow and Berlin will co-host the inaugural European Championships 2-12 August 2018.

Seven of Europe’s leading sports – six existing championships and a new team golf event – will be brought together as one coordinated multi-sport event.

This innovative new approach brings the existing European Championships together in a sustainable format in order to continue building their prestige, profile and media exposure.


•    The whole is greater than the sum of parts
•    Helps clean a crowded sports calendar
•    Sports benefit from enhanced exposure from the European Broadcasting Union
•    Increased offering for sports fans of European Championships level in a multi-sport event compared to Championships in individual sports
•    Higher TV audiences and market shares for broadcast partners
•    Opportunity for broadcast partners to present the diversity of sport in a compressed and structured format


The timetable of the individual championships is fully co-ordinated into one overall schedule to maximise media exposure as well as TV spectator experience.


A common “umbrella” branding of the new European Championships is applied on-site, on-air, in digital and print media, across all participating sports.

The Mark of a Champion logo is unique and ownable. The collection of shapes and colours brought together in a dynamic star-like form represent unity as the sports and host cities come together to create an inspiring event that is greater than the sum of its parts. An event that is ambitious, accessible, authentic and challenging.


Both Berlin and Glasgow are recognised as world-class sporting and cultural host cities that already possess fantastic sporting facilities and exceptional event staging experience.
The event will be held in both Berlin and Glasgow using a dual host city concept. Berlin will host the Athletics, with Glasgow and Scotland hosting the rest.


The European Championships is collectively run by the Federations and all decisions are made by the European Championships Board. Each Federation is independently responsible for their own sport within the concept and all decisions to participate are taken in full compliance with the decision making processes and governance rules of each Federation.

The European Championships delivers to the participating sports the powerful benefits of aggregation, for example in the form of a higher profile and reach through our media agreements, the best possible competitive stage for our athletes, as well as enhanced long-term financial security.


European Broadcast Union (EBU), the umbrella body for Europe’s free-to-air channels, will be the broadcast partner for the Championships.

Over 40 broadcasters have signed up to show the first edition, including top 5 markets: BBC in the United Kingdom, ARD/ZDF in Germany, France Televisions in France, RAI in Italy and TVE in Spain.

There will be more than 3,300 hours of television coverage.

Potential television audience of around 1.03 billion with millions more across multiple digital platforms.


Over half a million in-stadium spectators expected. Millions more expected on the streets of Glasgow and Berlin.


Ground-breaking cultural partnership between the host cities, and a carnival of sporting and cultural activity at George Square in Glasgow and the European Mile at the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin.


European Championships Management, co-founded by Paul Bristow and Marc Joerg, developed the event concept, and manages and implements the European Championships on behalf of the participating Federations.



There will be a total of 188 medals events held across the 11 days of competition in Scotland and Berlin (50 Athletics, 72 Aquatics, 30 Cycling, 3 Golf, 12 Gymnastics, 18 Rowing, 3 Triathlon).
The unique, beautifully crafted medals have been specially designed by Touch of Ginger, for this inaugural multi-sport event, as the unifying element for the seven individual European Sports Federations and will be a lasting legacy of the event’s first edition.
There will also be a trophy awarded to the winning nations across the 7 sports.