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News How star photographer Jim Rakete sees our athletes


He is Germany’s number 1 star photographer and in the past decades has had many famous people in front of the camera. Be it Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger or Willy Brandt – they all posed for him. But best of all, says Jim Rakete, he likes to photograph sports people. So the Berliner invited five of the best German athletes to his studio in Kreuzberg. This produced breathtaking shots for BERLIN 2018.

The portraits of Tatjana Pinto, Ruth Spelmeyer, Lisa Ryzih, Rico Freimuth and Robert Harting first appeared in BERLIN 2018 – The Magazine. “That was by far the fastest photo shoot of my life and says a lot about the photographer. Jim is a great and interesting guy, an absolute pro. I think expressions come into their own in a very different way in black and white photos,” raves Tatjana Pinto.

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Robert Harting is also deeply impressed: “I googled Jim Rakete just before the shoot and was able to recognise the style of expression in his work. Jim isn’t called Rakete (rocket) for nothing because with him things go very fast and the results are extremely good. Robert has also already found a suitable place in his flat for the “work of art”. “The photo looks so very like a bedroom that it could look good there. Whenever my wife Julia is angry with me, she can see that I’m not really that bad,” jokes the 33 year old and alludes to the thoughtful and soft pose showing him with discus in hand.

“I like to work with sports people - a shoot with them is always something special because they approach it in such a carefree and relaxed manner,” says Jim Rakete. All his photos and a host of information all about the upcoming 24th European Athletics Championships (7 - 12 August) are portrayed in the 132 page magazine.

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