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News Will Röhler hook himself gold in Berlin?


He is an Olympic javelin champion and, next to team mate Johannes Vetter, our greatest hope for gold in Berlin 2018. Thomas Röhler is known for his perfectionism, but with all his ambition, the 26 years old also takes time to relax with a spot of fly-fishing. For Berlin 2018, he was photographed by Michael Handelmann whilst practicing his hobby – of course in Röhler´s home town Jena, where the Saale River flows nearby.

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Thomas Röhler himself has a soft spot for photography and you can really tell after a look at his Instagram profile. The heartthrob shares snapshots from his life with his almost 49,000 followers, in which he's celebrating his healthy lifestyle, nature and training methods. In addition to athletics, he studies economic science and pursues his passion – fishing. "Fly fishing is the perfect way to relax, especially because you have to focus on it so much. It helps you totally shift your focus", he said.

Röhler: "The clear objective is to get a medal of course, at best a gold medal."

In August, the focus will once again turn to javelin as Röhler is looking to hook himself gold. "The clear objective is to get a medal of course, at best a gold medal. After all, that's why we work hard and innovatively every day. Overall, it's going to be an extremely exciting year for javelin and I'm already looking forward to the highlight, Berlin", says Röhler.

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